Fun with Small Cameras

Tom Rockwell

About this Site

They say pictures don't lie -- mine do.

Tom Rockwell, photographer. Playing with a new content management system called Koken. It has some pretty "neat" features and it's coming along but I don't know it well enough to make it shine. This site is just something to play with for me.

My first grandson was born in 2010. When my wife and I would go visit, I got tired of taking a big camera so I started looking into the smaller offerings. I've used a lot of cameras over the last 4 years and they're all good. There isn't one I didn't like something about. Currently, I settling on Sony which is odd because I've always thought of Sony as a big corporation that makes cameras (rather than as a photography company) but they really are doing the most interesting work lately.

There are 200 pictures on this site. If the exposure of each was 1/100th of a second, you're looking at 2 seconds of my life.

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